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Scarborough is a small village which can be found on the eastern coast of Britannia and it is the first village the thegn visits when the expedition to the British Isles begins. The village is on the world map and the map of Britain. The quest Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme begins when you arrive there and you can't make any progress without completing it, since you lack horses to travel to Britannia.

Merchants and notable NPC's[]

Although this village does not seem to have any merchants, there are a few of them willing to trade with you when you complete Fire and Steel and Earth and Weald.

  • Maucolyn is the mayor of Scarborough.
  • Wigmund Eatassunu can offer his service as a smith after completing the quest Fire and Steel. He can be found near the forge close to the gap in the wooden pallisade.
  • West of the residents area surrounded by a pallisade, you can find Williswind Edgaresdohtor who sells various majour resources after completing the quest Earth and Weald.


After completing Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme by helping the village, you can start the following quests:

Cairn, crosses and runestones[]

You can find one cairn, two crosses and one menhir in this area. The cairn is can be found near the northeastern waymarker. The first cross can be found in front of the mayor's house, which is the biggest house in the part of the town encircled by a pallisade. The second cross can be found in the centre of the monastery. You can either attack the monastery before or after the quest Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme.

The runestone can be found west in the area. From the top of the cliffside path, head west into the grove and you will find the runestone.


From Scarborough, it takes:

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