Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Salvage is one of the nine major resources which is mostly used to create new weapons and shields with the Crafting skill which can be used when visiting a camp. Salvage can also be used to update the smithy of the homestead, so the player receives salvage or hides weekly. Apart from the homestead, salvage can also be obtained from:

  • scouting;
  • trading with merchants;
  • recycling weapons and shields (influenced by the repairing skill of the party member who has the highest rank);
  • gained as a reward from quests; and
  • found inside lootable containers.


From the following quests, the player receives salvage as a reward.


The following merchants are trading salvage:

Name merchant Stock Price rates Location Act(s)
Brana Karsdottir& 50 Fair Skjern First and second.
Drest mac Gordain 98 Fair Perth Second only.
Eadgifu Cateresdohtor ?? Fair Yngilwood Second only.
Edgar Heardredessunu 72 Charitable - Generous Orkneyjar Second only.
Hannar Bristle-beard 82 Disagreeable Ribe First only.
Illhugi Flat-nose! 10 Disagreeable Skjern First and second.
Karungr Flokason 21 Fair Orkneyjar Second only.
Nyneve 10 Charitable Avalon Second only.
Gnypli Skavidarson 75 Fair Ribe First only.
Ragnarr Almarsson 19 Fair Ribe First only.
Theodore Caedmonessunu 47 Generous Eoforwic (York) Second only.
Vrangr Vetsson& 47 Fair Skjern First and second.