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Sagittarius is a character class available to the player in Expeditions: Rome and fulfills the role as archer, as sole unit having access to bows and ranged units for the player charachter.

The unique class statistic for this class is Accuracy, which determines how far the archer may shoot and determines how damage is dealt. The further away the target, the less damage is done. There are also weapon skills which place a penalty on accuray when using them, thus limiting range of their use.

Class skills[]


Armour for this class is limited to Basic and Light, which offer the least amount of resistance and armour rating.

When it comes to weapons, the Sagittarius has access to Bows as their ranged weapon. Compared to other classes, this class has the least access to melee weapon, as their are only able to wield them single-hand and its selection is limited to dagger, spears and swords. Shields are not usable by this class as well.

Unarmed skills[]

  • Cure (rank I)
  • Defensive jab (rank II)
  • Pop-Pop (rank III)
  • Throw (rank III)