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Ravine is a small area on the Britannia map. It will be added to the map during the quest Wisdom of the Ancients or by completing Fort of the Thicket in favour of Northumbria in case the player didn't make enough progression for the former quest. The area is north of the map in the centre of a large mountain region.


It is a rather small area and most of the things in this area are related to the quest Wisdom of the Ancients. As such, there aren't many reasons to revisit the area after the quest is finished.

NPC's and merchants[]

The only merchants who sells resources is Gormlaith ingen Amdaigh, but she does sell them at preposterous prices. Close to her, you can find a girl who sells the amulet Lann's Cross for 100 valuables.

Cross and runestone[]

You can find the cross near a small area west of the map in which there a lot of pyreflies present.

On top of the hill in the northwestern corner, you can find the runestone to start the quest The Isle of Apples. Morcant needs to accompany your party and translate the runestone in case the player character does not have a medium Sense score.

Noteworthy loot[]

You can find two armour paddings in a crate near the stake and the sling Mistletoe can be found inside the cave of Myrddin Emrys.


From Ravine, it takes:

  • 14 hours to travel to Perth.
  • 24 hours to travel to Seahenge.