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This page is about all random travel events in Expeditions: Rome. Each campaign has many different events, with many different outcomes. This can either range from textscreen events to combat situations, with little information for preparations. In conquered and pacified regions, the palyer will experience positive or the only slightful harmful events. In unconquered zones, the player can expect ambush events and the more harmful events as well.

Some events only occur once, while most events can occur many times. The random events related to Romances are not covered here. Instead, please visit the article mentioned in the previous sentence.

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Asia Minor[]

In Asia Minor, the following events are presents

The Bandits (hostile)[]

The Olive Garden (secure)[]

Foxes (secure)[]

In this events, the camp food storage is attacked by foxes. When selecting to fend them off, two party members will suffer light wounds, but there is no gain.

The Young Boarlings (secure)[]

This is a travel event in secure areas. When opting for killing the boarlings, the party receives 9 Rations without any risk involved. When selecting to wait for the adult boars to return to their youngs, the you can gain 26 rations, but one party member suffers light wounds.

Weird Scholar[]

Stone Slope[]

Chimera Lair[]

Priests of Ascelpius (secure)[]

In this event, all wounded character are cured instantly by the priest visited at the temple visited during the trip, free of charge.

North Africa[]

The Cat


In Gaul, the following events are present

Revenge of the Boars (secure)[]

The Grove (secure)[]

The Travelling Merchant[]

The Mushroom Patch (secure)[]

This event is a secure event and consists of encountering a mushroom patch with four options:

  • Going for the white mushrooms results in
  • Going for the red mushrooms results in
  • Going for the orange mushrooms results in
  • Not picking any mushrooms has the result of nothing gained and lossed?.