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This page contains an outline of all available quests during the prologue and the three acts.

Main Quests[]

These are quests that are available to every character, no matter their companions or faction choices.


The events occur before the game map opens up.

The Feast

Something To Prove

Cleaning House

The Northmen's Raid

Act 1: Preparations for Setting Sail[]

Events occur during you're preparing in Jutland, Denmark for setting sail to British Isles.

The Plot Thickens

Preparations: A Motley Hird

Preparations: The Longship

Preparations: Tomb Raider

The Calling of the Sea

Act 2: Expedition in British Isles[]

The second act lasts from from April the 27 until 19 September 789, which means that you have 146 days to explore Britannia. Events occur during the time at the British Isles until you've reached Althing (reaching at least 100 prosperity and/or power). Though the paths in the second part of the game seem vague at first, there are three mayor paths for the three important factions.

Northmen Northumbria Pictavia
Starting quest Lord of Seals King of Northumbria King of the Picts
Quest before faction decision is final Ravaging of the Wretched Heathens The Battle of Yngilwood A Gaelic Alliance
Deciding quest Fort of the Thicket, but there is second option of claiming a Northmen victory at the end of the Northumbrian or Picts campaign. Fort of the Thicket Fort of the Thicket
First dedicated faction quest Great Heathen Army, combined with Into the Dark or Punching Through Into the Dark Punching Through
Second dedicated faction quest Kingslayer or The Fall of Pictavia. The Fall of Pictavia Kingslayer
Third dedicated faction quest Kingslayer or The Fall of Pictavia. Here's To The Future or Great Heathen Army. Here's To The Future or Great Heathen Army.

Starting quests[]


Lord of Seals

Ravaging of Wretched Heathens

Great Heathen Army


King of Northumbria

A Tale of Two Kings

Ghosts of the Empire

Dungeon Crawl

The Mercian Connection

The Battle of Yngilwood

Fort of the Thicket

Into the Dark

The Fall of Pictavia

Here's To The Future


King of the Picts

Mac Taidg Must Die

Wisdom of the Ancients

A Gaelic Alliance

The Princess Bride

Fort of the Thicket

Punching Through


Here's To The Future

Act 3: Althing and after Althing[]

Events which occur after Althing event. This is the last chapter in the game and roughly takes one or two hours to complete.

Side Quests[]



In Fighting Trim

Unwanted Guests

The Frail One

Wilted Flowers

Erlingr's Farm[]

Old Debts

Forest (Near Skjern)[]

Pack It Up



Best Served Cold

Guard Duty

Hel Hath No Fury...

Kill the Rats

Monsters in the Marsh

One Last Drink

The Halfdansons and the Mardolsons

Marsh (Near Ribe)[]

The Hunters in the Marsh

The Old Man and the Marsh


The Scoundrel's Flight

The Stolen Heirloom


Camping Sites[]

Buried Past

Charge of the Einherjar

The Helsott Curse

Donncoirce Homestead[]

Carrion Eaters

Eoforwic (York)[]


Bounty: The Absentee

Bounty: The Failed Killer

Bounty: The Highwayman

Bounty: The Pagan

Bounty: The Runaway

Champions League

Eoforwic Pier Access

Forbidden Tribute

From the Ashes

Lady Favours

The Barghest Cometh

The Red Wedding

Unsavoury Dealings

Legacaestir (Chester)[]

Ab Urbe Condita

Debt Collector

Seeking Sanctuary



Lost And Found

No Escape


Just Deserts

Perth Pier Access

Witch's Curse


The Isle of Apples (starting location)


An Axe to Grind

Earth and Weald

Fire and Steel

The Final Expedition (can also be started in the Swamp)

The Seventh Commandment

The Wearh in the Woods

Wreck And Ruin


Snakes Among the Trees

The Hunting Party

Unmarked Quests[]

  • Skjern Forest - A man can be found looking for his brother Egill who has been missing for a long time. You can direct him to a skeleton and give him the rusty sword you find on the ground near it, in return for a small assortment of equipment.
  • The unmarked quest with the unofficial name Ashes to Ashes can be started by investigating the burnt down district in Ribe. You will find one house with a cellar covered by some debris which must be investigated for this quest.
  • The unofficial quest Roman Key can be started by talking to the wounded man south of the tower in the Swamp.