Protect the Envoy is a side goal which can be started after completing Tepictoton's Idol. Tepictoton wants to make an alliance with Tlaxcala. As such, he has agreed to let envoys of their faction meet inside an old temple on Tlaxcala territory. He needs a neutral party to protect the envoys, as he suspects that there are parties at play who benefit from this making attempt to form an alliance a failure.

The meetingEdit

The meeting place is at least five days southwest of Xalapa and located in the jungle.

The battle is against five opponents, which is one champion, two trappers and two warriors. The player can only select four followers and the two civilian elders fill in the two remaining slots. If the player has select to guard the main room, all units start there, else there are two near the entrance.

After the enemy is defeated, the meeting will go on and eventually it is a success, as Tlaxcala agrees to an alliance with the Totonac. Then return to Xalapa to inform Tepictoton of the news.

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