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Princeps, or principes in plural, is a character class in Expeditions: Rome. They are the classic sword and shield character and fill the role of the standard legionair in the Roman army, with access to heavy armour. They are, as a result, being able to inflict damage and able to take damage, thus serving as a tank to protect others.

Their unique class statistic is Shield strength, which is solely determined by the shield itself. It provides protection from arrows, knives and as long as the shield lasts, to Pila and melee attacks.

The role was historically for all soldiers who are able to buy decent equipment and were fairly healthy. They were usually standing in the second line and fulfilled the role of heavy infantry. This role disappeared with the Marian reforms and became the role of legionair, with state-bought standardised equipment.

Class skills[]


This class has access to the best class of armour in the game, which is the heavy category. This provides the highest Resistances, usually bonuses to increase maximum resistances beyond 50% and provides the highest armour rating. The only downside is the high movement penalty, but this can be rectified with the passive nimble skill, which decreases the penalty at best by half.

When it comes to weapons, the princeps has access to all one-handed weapon, which are daggers, spears and swords. Due to daggers not having any Weapon combination skills, it means that spears and sword offer more weapon skills to this shield wielding unit. Two-handed weapons and ranged weapons are off-limits, however.

Unarmed skills[]

Principes have access to the following Unarmed skills:

  • Bracer block (rank I)
  • Cure (rank I)
  • Defensive jab (rank II)
  • Pop-Pop (rank III)
  • Tackle (rank II)

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