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'You must mount an expedition to Britain to seek riches or allies so you may prove your might on the Althing. The first thing you'll need is a new warship.'

Preparations: The Longship is a storyline quest that begins upon the completion of The Plot Thickens. Your first task will be to talk to the village craftsmen and shipwright, Torfinn, who can be found east of longhall. He will send you out to the forest of Skjern to search for suitable trees to use as the main foundation of the longship, and will meet you there to accompany you.

There are six trees you can find in total, but you only need three different type of trees are needed to progress through the quest. Finding all six gives you more options to choose from and each of wood has different traits.

All trees which you need for your ship, have a somewhat discrete circle of stones around them.

Wood Cargo Intimidation Speed Location
Ash Medium Medium Low From the starting point, go a bit to the right.
Elm High Low Low Close to the waymarker near the southern border of the area. Close to the travellers camp as well.
Larch Low Medium Medium Close to the eastern border. You can find Leifr Hakonsson nearby.
Oak Low High Low From the southwestern waymarker, head northeast. The oak is between the abandoned campfire and the waymarker.
Pine Medium Low Medium Northeast of the map, close to a broken cart. It's also quite close to the ash tree.
Spruce Low Low High East of Grimulfr's hut.

The only aspect each type of wood affects is the Random Travel Events out at sea you may encounter when voyaging. Having high speed doesn't make your ship travel faster, nor does having higher cargo affect how much cargo your ship can carry. It just means how likely it is you'll pass the random event that relates to that trait.

Once you have picked the material to be used for your ship, Torfinn will return to Skjern. Head back there when you are ready to complete the final part of the quests, naming your ship. This is purely for flavour in conversations regarding your longship. When you have decided on a name, confirm it and the quest is completed.


  • 5 Skill Points.
  • Your own personal longship.
  • Unlocks the achievement The Dragon