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Preatorians are very similair to the mercenaries in Expeditions: Viking. When it comes to storyline, they are bare-bone characters when it comes to storyline and dialogue. The only dialogue they have is standard dialogue for all characters with certain characters traits.

The player can hire up to eight praetorians to join the party. Praetorians can be switched between centurion position praetorion position any time the player desires.


After the player becomes Legatus of Legion Vitrix, the player can recruit centuriones as commanders for battle. After taking Mytilene, talk to the Primus Pilus Orestus Turius (near the Legatus tent of Vitrix camp) about pacifying the lands. After then, the recruited centuriones and the potential soldiers can then become praetorions. This adds eight slots, which can then be filled by the praetorians who can join personal battles with the player character and companions.

The level of the recruited men depends on the legatus level, as well as the centurion facility. With the first rank centurion tent, recruited level are limited to level six. With the second rank, this maximum level is 12 and increases to 18 for the third rank. New centurions appear when a recruited Praetorian is assigned to the barracks, with those of the recruiter skill, being more able to find higher level men.


With combat, or due to wounds deterioriation, the praetorions may die during the game with Combat Death mode on. Centurions may die in Legion battles in case of defeat or less commonly, when deploying certain Stratagems.

Recruitable preatorians[]

The following praetorians can be recruited:

Name Class Army skills Perks Other
Aulus Arius Metellus Princeps
Calavius Modestinus Triarius
Carrinas Garulus Triarius
Gaius Arpineius Triarius
Gaius Fufius Cita Princeps
Gaius Volcatius Tullus Princeps
Herius Bombius Senecio Veles
Lucius Aemilius Saggitarius
Lucius Cornelius Balbus Triarius
Lucius Fabius Triarius
Lucius Vorenus Princeps Recruiter and social
Manius Veturius Secundus Veles
Minatuis Fulvius Vitalis Saggitarius
Marcus Aurelius Veles Crafty and scout.
Marcus Petronius Princeps
Marius Fronto Triarius
Numerius Bellicius Saggitarius
Ostorius Libo Saggitarius
Pescennius Polius Septimus Triarius
Publius Considius Saggitarius
Publius Sextius Baculus Princeps
Quintus Atrius Veles
Quintus Velanius Veles
Rubrius Gordio Triarius Ascetic, cautious and first aid. Can be recruited in a Random Travel Event in Egypt.
Salvius Nerius Varro Princeps
Secundus Special recruit, will apply in the Gallic campaign when choosing to train him as a fighter at the end of the side quest Liability. Recruitment fee still applicable.
Titus Pullo Princeps
Titus Terrasidius Saggitarius
  • Army skills, abbreviated BCIL for ballistics, cavalry, infrantry and logistics. A missing letter means that the unit does not have that skill from three out of four. The amount of specialisation is described with a number. For 2 and 3 speciaisations in say, infantry, it's added to the table as I2 or I3 respectively.
  • Character traits are described on this page.

Easter eggs and trivia[]

Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pollo are the names of the main characters in the HBO series Rome which is set about the time of Gaius Julius Caesar in the Gallic campaign and him taking control of the republic of Rome as the first Caesar. In return, they are also based on the accounts of Julius Caesar himself about the two centurions of the same names in one of his legions locked in a competition to prove who's the bravest. After both attempt a charge alone against the Gaulic army surrounding their camp, they both end up saving each other's lives and returning to the camp wounded, proving that they are equally brave.

The following names are historical figures:

Most of the centurions names are inspired by Commentarri de Bello Gallico, which is Gaius Julius Caesar account of the war in Gallia.