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Perth is the capital of the Picts and lies in the north. It can be visited during the second act after finishing Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme. The first time you get close to the city while you travelling to it, you will be ambushed by Grianne's party. If you claim that your intentions are peaceful, she won't attack, but she and her party will escort your hird to Perth where you will meet Caustantin mac Fergusa, the king of the Picts.


Most of the merchants can be found in the centre of the town. The hunter Ciaomin mac Aedain sells a lot of things, including hides. Mael Fabaill ingen Druiain is willing to trade many items, but does not accept valuables and Una ingen Magnusa sells mainly herbs and rations.

The smith Drest mac Gordain can be found south of the river Tay, close to the southern waymarker. He also sells wood and salvage.

Uallach, who foremostly sells and buys herbs and medicine, can be found near the wooden building built on pillars standing in the river. In order to to lower her prices, the first quest should be finished.


Cairns & crosses and treasure[]

The cross can be found in the middle of the centre of Perth. The cairn can be found in front of the smith, who can be found south near the bridge. You can also find a shovel here to unearth a treasure.


From Perth, it takes:

Starting from Perth, it takes:

  • 63 hours to sail to Skjern
  • 33 hours to sail to Orkneyjar
  • 118 hours to sail to Avalon
  • 28 hours to sail to Scarborough
  • 41 hours to sail to Eoforwic (York) (it's shorter to sail to Scarborough and walk to Eoforwic)
  • 13 hours to sail to Lindisfarne