Every time an unit reach is promoted, they pick one Passive skill to further improve their combat skills. Some passive skill are also beneficial outside of combat. Below you will find a table of all passive skills with:

  • the name of the skill;
  • the requirements; including the necessary rank;
  • what the passive skill does;
  • and advice on how to use them effectively.

List of all passive skillsEdit

Name Requirements Rank Effect Advice
Adrenaline Junkie None Men-at-arms +10 attack when endurance is less than 20%.
Aim High Ranged Men-at-arms Accuracy penalty of this follower is halved against opponents in partial cover. Since the partial cover gives halves accuracy, the penalty will then be 25% of the calculated accuracy.
Aim Low Ranged Men-at-arms Every ranged attack by this follower has 20% chance to half movement of enemies next turn.
Avenger None Men-at-arms +10% attack against opponents who have incapacitated allies.
Block None Men-at-arms +5% melee defence.
Blood Thirsty None Men-at-arms Every time this follower takes down an opponent, it will deal +15% more damage next turn. This can be a great passive skill to give to units who frequently kill enemies and have skills which allow then to inflict damage on multiple enemies, such as champions, hunters and trappers.
Constitution None Men-at- arms Follower has a 50% chance to avoid the damage-over-time effect from poison.
Dodge None Men-at- arms Enemies critical hit chances are halved against this unit.
Evade None Men-at- arms +5% ranged defence.
Expose weakness Scholar Recruit Every regular ranged attacks lowers defences by 10%, even if it's a miss.
Fencer None Men-at-arms The flanking damage when this unit is flanked is decreased from 15% to 5%.
Fortune favoured None Men-at-arms Increases critical hit chances by 50%.
Good Patient None Men-at-arms Unit with this passive skill will receive 20% more endurance from healers and may recover from injuries faster.
Hardened None Men-at-arms Increases endurance by 10 points.
Keen Eye None Men-at-arms Unit with this skill ignores up to seven points of armour.
Lone Wolf None Men-at-arms
Night Vision None Men-at-arms
Opportunist None Men-at-arms Unit with this perk an unit may deal a second attack of opportunity.
Point Black Ranged Veteran When shooting with a ranged weapon in melee range, the hit will be guaranteed a critical hit if it hits the target. This skill is recommended for units with high accuracy and low melee damage.
Poisoned Tip Shaman Recruit Every melee attack poisons an enemy.
Relentless None Men-at-arms 5% chance of dealing an extra attack.
Sexist None Veteran 10% more damage when the unit fights against an unit from the opposite sex.
Sharpshooter Ranged Men-at-arms
Sneak Attack None Veteran This skill should be given to scouts and warriors, as they have the most movement and the sneak skill and as result are more likely to manouvre themselves in flanking positions.
Strider None Veteran Increases movement by 1 hex. It's highly recommended that this skill should be given to champions, since it may increase damage inflicted by the charge skill and due to their lower accuracy. For soldiers it's recommended.
Suck It Up None Recruit Unit will no only be slowed down by standing on caltrops and spike traps will only deal half damage. This skill should be given to a scout or warrior, since they have the highest amount of movement.
Walk Your Shots Ranged Recruit Increases accuracy for the specific target by 5% every time an attack is made. Maximum accuracy increase is 25%. This can be a great skill to improve accuracy of units with low accuracy and hunters and trappers can use it to increase the effectiveness of Quick Shot.
Weapon: Arquebus Spanish, Ranged Recruit Allows an unit to use arquebuses.
Weapon: Blowgun Native, Ranged Recruit Allows an unit to use blowguns.
Weapon: Bow Ranged Recruit Allows an unit to use bows.
Weapon: Dagger None Recruit Allows an unit to use daggers. Standard weapon for every unit.
Weapon: Macuahuitl Native Recruit Allows an unit to use Macuahuitls.
Weapon: Pole-arm Spanish Recruit Allows an unit to use pole-arms. If melee damage of Spanish units needs to be improved, this is the best weapon skill when it comes to high damage.
Weapon: Spear Native Recruit Allows an unit to use spears.
Weapon: Sword Spanish Recruit Allows an unit to use swords.
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