Passive Skills provide small but permanent boosts to stats or give you an extra edge under specific conditions.

The 29 passive skills are skills which can improve the overall combat effectiveness of a character who possesses them, for example, by improving damage, increasing movement and lowering accuracy penalties which don't have to be or can be activated during battle. In the table below you can find out:

  • Which passive skills there are.
  • How much skill points (SP) they cost.
  • What the potential requirements are for unlocking them.
  • What they do.
  • How they can be used in an effective way.
Name SP Requirements Effect Advise
AdrenalineJunkie Adrenaline Junkie 3 None. Increases melee damage by 30% when hitpoints are below 20% of total health.
Avenger Avenger 3 None. Enemies who take down a friendly unit will receive 10% more damage.
Backstabber Backstabber 4 None. Inflict 20% extra damage to characters with the harried status.
BloodThirsty Blood Thirsty 4 None. Upon taking down an opponent, inflict 10% extra damage the next turn.
Dodge Dodge 9 None. Halves the chance to receive a critical hit.
Evade Evade 6 None. Increases ranged damage reduction by 5 percentage points.
Fencer Fencer 3 None. Flanking damage multiplier is reduced by 15%.
FortuneFavored Fortune Favoured 9 None. Increases the chance for critical hits with 3 percent points.
GoodPatient Good Patient 3 None. Increases the amount of health restored with healing by 20%.
Hardened Hardened 12 None. Increases the amount of hitpoints by 10.
KeenEye Keen Eye 6 Perception rank 6. Increases the armor piercing score by 50%. Increases amount of damage against enemies with damage reduction. Combined with high armor piercing weapons, you can deal good damage, even vs. enemies with 70%+ DR. Useful for all offensive characters.
LoneWolf Lone Wolf 3 None. Grants 10% extra damage if the character is at least 8 hexes away from the nearest friendly unit.
LowProfile Low Profile 3 None. Enemies will less likey attack a character with this skill. A great passive skill for support units or characters with low endurance.
NightOwl Night Owl 6 None. Improves mental resistance by 25% points during the night.
NightVision Night Vision 4 Bow rank 1. Removes the accuracy penalty during night battles. Great ability for archers and other units who use ranged attacks frequently.
Nimble Nimble 9 None. Lower the movement penalty gained from armor by 1 point. Useless if character is not wearing hide armor or better. If you want to improve movement no matter what armor the character wears, invest in Strider.
Opportunist Opportunist 6 None. In case of attacks of opportunity, the enemy may be stunned as well. Good for front line units. Can be combined with the panic ability of Morcant or the Ruse ability from Leadership. This forces enemy units to flee and might trigger attacks of opportunity.
PointBlank Point Blank 9 Bow rank 1. Ranged attacks have 100% critical change when the target is in melee range. Not recommended. Point blank shots can be missed, depending on accuracy. A ranged attack in melee range provokes an attack of opportunity. The enemy attack is dealt before the ranged attack, so you will suffer damage. Very dangerous if the target has the Opportunist skill, which stuns on hit.
PowerfulKick Powerful Kick 9 Requires Rebuke. Rebuke will now also apply the knocked down effect. The knock down effect knocks down the victim for 1 turn, which gives the party this and the next turn to attack the target, who can't block or move.
QuickFeet Quick Feet 6 Finesse rank 4. No attack of opportunity when moving around the enemy. A nice substitute for the Feint skill, since this skill allows you to walk through the enemy lines without suffering an attack of opportunity, though the enemy won't lose the opportunity attack for the turn and you must stay in adjacent hex.
Relentless Relentless 8 None. Gives a 5% chance to deal an extra attack when using a normal attack.
Sexist Sexist 6 None. Attacks againt the opposite sex do 10% extra damage. Since the male / female ratio is about equal, this passive skill increases damage output by 5% on average.
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 3 Bow rank 3. Halves the damage penalty when using the  Aimed Shot ability.
SneakAttack Sneak Attack 6 None. Increases the flanked multiplier with +10% Great ability for damage dealers who also have the quick feet passive skill, because it allows the character to manouvre around the target and improve the odds of flanking
SteadyHands Steady Hands 6 None. Interruption attacks have 100% hit chance. Since interruption is a free skill, this passive skill is also available for characters with no ranged skills. With this ability they can wield ranged with good accuracy, but you can't choose your target with interruption.
StoneFists Stone Fists 6 Unarmed rank 1. Gives unarmed attacks 10 armor piercing and they can kill enemies.
Strider Strider 12 None. Improves movement by 1 point. Recommended for melee units. Can also improve the amount of damage dealt when the unit uses the charge ability.
ThickSkin Thick Skin 9 None. Increases physical resistance by 10 percentage points. Hirdman with access to the leadership skill, can gain better result by investing 6 more SP in the first two ranks of leadership.
WalkYourShots Walk Your Shots 12 Perception rank 6. Reduces the distance penalty for ranged attacks from 6% per hex, to 5% per hex. Great ability for archers and other units who use ranged attacks frequently.