The party, or hird in-game, is the group of recruitable characters who travel with the player character on the world map. A maximum of five characters may join the player character in combat. The remainder may serve as replacements in the case of injury, or as supporting roles while camping.

Combat Efficiency and Synergy Edit

Creating a hird with a specific play style in mind may be beneficial in combat, especially on higher difficulties.

Tanks and HealersEdit

A party centered around sturdy front-line characters and healing capable back-liners rather than the generally less durable ranged and melee damage classes. For example, a character with a stat distribution of: 10 10 1 1 7, is able to have an axe, shield, and healing, making them a valuable in a supporting role. Such a character will be more durable, able to shield allied characters, mitigate incoming ranged fire, can use skills such as, Expose on enemy shield-men to open them for attacks from your main damage dealers.

Medic and SiegeEdit

A party composed of two modified Warriors with axes and shields, capable of healing, acting as a front-line, and four Archers or Hunters acting as dedicated damage dealers. Using this strategy, on the opening turn the ranged characters can kill between four and ten opponents, reducing the difficulty of encounters. Enemies with shields only require to be Exposed by front-line Warriors, who can also act as healers if needed.

The Shield-wallEdit

A party with three Warriors with axes and shields, and three Defenders equipped with swords and shields. This hird composition can ignore enemy archers. Secondary roles, such as, Healer (healing and debuffing), Skald (buffer), and Leader, can be distributed among the hird as desired. At least two characters who are capable of healing is recomended, and them staying next to other characters as the hird advances towards opponents allows them to Heal and Revive fallen hird-men immediately. Throwing is advised for swordsmen to use the Execute ability.

Camping Efficiency and Synergy Edit

Not all characters need to do everything. In fact, characters who excel in combat must lack in the use of supporting and camping skills. Therefore, it may be useful to tailor the extra characters in the hird for specific roles outside of combat and while camping.

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