'At long last you've arrived on the coast of Britannia, but if you are to travel over the land, you'll need horses and supplies.'
Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme is a storyline quest that begins immediately upon landing for the first time on the beaches of Scarborough.

First Contact Edit

Your hirdmen will notice figures on the clifftops above you watching your arrival, and two braver souls on the beach getting a closer look. Heading west, you will see the two onlookers run away up a curved slope. Following after them leads you into a roadblock of defenders. There are two ways to approach this; with peace or with violence.

  • Selecting "Tell them to throw down their..." gains morale with aggressive followers, but loses morale with peaceful ones.
  • Selecting "Explain that we just need horses..." has no morale consequences.
  • Selecting "Ask them to lead the way..." loses morale with aggressive followers.
  • Selecting "Lies! They're getting reinforcements..." then the option to attack gains morale with aggressive and conceited followers, but loses morale with open minded and peaceful ones, and leads to combat.

Peaceful Route Edit

Choosing the non-aggressive dialogue will lead to you meeting a monk by the name of Morcant. He will ask where you came from and what your intentions are. If you state your intention as being something different than what you said back in Skjern, one of your hirdmen will make note of it. Head onward with the monk and you will meet the Chieftain of the village.

  • Selecting "We are not raiders..." loses morale with aggressive followers.
  • Selecting "That better not have been..." loses morale with peaceful followers.
  • Selecting "Is there nothing i can do..." gains morale with open minded followers, but loses morale with conceited ones.
  • Selecting "I will not ask you this politely..." gains morale with conceited followers, but loses morale with open minded ones.

After this brief conversation, you will have the option to let Morcant join your hird as a 'translator' of sorts.


If you decided that you will do a favour for the village, you should head northeast until you come across their camp. When you located the outskirts of the camp, you can select the following options:

  • Selecting: "There must be ways to solve this problem peacefully." will start a conversation.
  • Selecting to start combat immediately will initiate battle.
  • Selecting "Take out their archers...", will kill one or two of their archers (if the protagonist has some skill with the bow) before initiating combat. The battle will be easier to win though.

In case you talk to the bandits, you will learn that the bandits were once seafaring merchants from Mercia. They sailed their ship on a cliff nearby on misty day, because the villagers intentionally didn't light the warning beacon. As a result, they lost their ship, lost most of their goods, are unable to travel anywhere else and became bandits due to lack for better options. During your conversation, you can convince them to pillage the church, check if the facts are true by talking to the village. The elder will confirm the facts, but because they are unable to help them, you must help the villagers or the merchants to advance the quest.

Taking out the banditsEdit

After the battle, you can return to Maucolyn to share the news of the bandits. He will then give your hird horses so that you may continue your travels. Now that the village trusts you, can talk to the villagers and gain access to all quests.

You can still loot the church now or later if you desire so, but the battle will be tougher without the aid of the marooned merchants.

Looting the monastery and helping the merchantsEdit

If you decide to talk to the "bandits" you can convince them to join your raid on the monastery. They will fend of the villagers, while you beat the nuns and ransack the monastery. Morcant will heavily object against the the plundering of the church and leaves the party permanently.

Inside the small church, you will have to find two small chests containing 1,500 valuables each and one large chest containing 3,000 valuables. There are also some other items, but you can't leave the church until you take the contents of the chest.

Once outside, talk to the leader. You can select to:

  • Share the loot and passing a medium Sense check, you can give them 2,000 valuables instead 3,000. You earn 5 reputation with the Mercia faction.
  • Share the loot. You will give them half and lose 3,000 valuables as a result. You earn 5 reputation with the Mercia faction.
  • Kill them. You don't have to share the loot, but you will lose reputation with the Mercia faction for certain.

If you go back to the village, your arrival will be awaited by Maucolyn and seven other armed villagers, who will start a battle. If you kept the village elder alive, you can question him to gain more information on whereabouts. After that, you can either kill him or spare him.

You will lose 50 reputation with the Northumbria faction, possible blocking access to York and all quests. All quests which you could do in this village, are locked off, with the exception of The Isle of Apples.

Helping the Village and Looting the Monastery Edit

It is possible to defeat the bandits in order to help the village, thereby unlocking all the quests for Scarborough for extra skill points and lore. Once you have done this, you can actually decide to attack the monastery for it's precious valuables within. Morcant will leave your party as soon as you attack the monastery. Now, as long as you don't return to the village after looting the monastery, it won't count as having turned them against you and so when you travel to York, they shouldn't suspect any wrongdoings in this village.

Reward Edit