'Ingimarr has invited you to drink to your late father.'
One Last Drink is a sidequest you can find in the town of Ribe. In the market, Ingimarr Broad-sole will call you over and make a remark about your nose. He will then invite you to his for a drink and to reminisce.

Selecting "I feel that my nose lends..." gains morale for your optimistic followers.

Once you're in his home, he will offer you and your followers a drink, but you'll be stopped by Roskva if she is currently following you. She warns you that the drinks are laced with poison.

Selecting "Thank you..." gains morale for Roskva.

Eventually, you discover that your father hurt his pride when he didn't invite him for his last expedition and wants revenge by killing you. You'll enter combat; either drugged and/or weakened if you drank the poisoned wine once or twice, or not if you threw it away or pretended to drink it. If you're able to use a finesse dialogue successfully to switch the wine, Ingimarr starts off with the drugged debuff. Everyone in the room will become hostile, the thralls turning out to be combatants, and you are forced to defend yourself.

Reward Edit

  • 3 Skill Points.
  • Mailbiter can be looted from Ingimarr's body.
  • Any loot in the containers of his house.