'One of Erlingr's thralls used to be a bandit. He's told you where he hid his stash before he was caught, in the hope that you'll bring back a bear claw trinket that used to belong to his wife.'
Old Debts is a sidequest that can be started by talking to the thrall on Erlingr's Farm, to the south west corner of the map.

The stash in question can be found in the forest close to your home village, down a well. However, be prepared for battle, as a group of bandits will cut you off from escape and either force you to hand over the goods or to fight.

Once they're dealt with, return to the thrall on Erlingr's farm and give him the bear claw trinket to complete this quest.

Reward Edit

  • 3 Skill Points
  • The contents of the stash