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Offensive Skills[]

Offensive Skills provide extra abilities to be used during combat that aren't tied to any specific weapon.

SP Skill Name Description
AnticipateOpening-SkillIcon.png AnticipateOpening.png 9 Anticipate Opening The next attack will always be a critical.
Charge-SkillIcon.png Charge.png 9 Charge +5 damage for every hex moved before attacking
Cripple-SkillIcon.png Cripple.png 6 Cripple Ranged weapons only: 25% damage but takes away all movement in next turn.
DualWielding-SkillIcon.png Hook Slash.png Hook and Slash

Dual Wielding (at Skill Points 3/6/9/12/15) Hook and Slash - an unblockable attack.

Parry - increases the reduction of damage taken and allows you to take an occasional attack in the next turn.

One-Two is an action that allows you to attack twice, or two different enemies. If you are being attacked on two sides, you will attack both of the opponents with an unblockable attack. Only knives and axes can be wielded off-hand.

DualWielding-SkillIcon.png Parry.png Parry
DualWielding-SkillIcon.png OneTwo.png OneTwo
Feint-SkillIcon.png Feint.png 9 Feint Move to the other side and make the opponent use his 'Attack of Opportunity'.
Interrupt-SkillIcon.png Interrupt.png Free Interrupt Postpone a ranged attack until you have at least a 75% chance to hit an enemy during the enemy turn, or until an enemy closes to within 6 hexes.

Can be upgraded with the 'Passive Skill' called 'Steady Hands which makes interruption attacks have 100% hit chance.

Rebuke-SkillIcon.png Rebuke.png 6 Rebuke A kick that moves the target one hex away. Can be upgraded with the 'Passive Skill' called 'Powerful Kick' to make opponent 'Knocked Down' (Physical Resistance: Unable to act).
Stun-SkillIcon.png Stun.png 12 Stun A melee attack that applies the status 'Stunned' (Physical Resistance: Unable to act)
Throwing-SkillIcon.png ThrowRock.png Throw Rock

Throwing (at Skill Points 3/6/9/12/15). Throw Rock - It is difficult to be accurate with the stone, even after you have performed it after a regular attack.

Toss - toss either your enemy or an ally into a field next to your position.

Throw Axe - a ranged attack over short distance. They do not have to carry raneged weapons to attack a nearby enemy.

Throwing-SkillIcon.png Toss.png Toss
Throwing-SkillIcon.png ThrowAxe.png Throw Axe