Expeditions: Viking Wiki
Expeditions: Viking Wiki
Description Morale score
Heroic (player character only) 100
Unwavering 100
Devoted 90
Devoted 80
Loyal 70
Loyal 60
Loyal 50
Pleased 40
Pleased 30
Pleased 20
Indifferent 10
Indifferent 00
Indifferent -10
Hesitant -20
Hesitant -30
Hesitant -40
Disgruntled -50
Disgruntled -60
Disgruntled -70
Appalled -80
Appalled -90
Mutinous -100

The morale in Expeditions: Rome of a party member has influence on resisting morale checking during battle. Characters with lower morale are prone to the Status effect panic and routed, which makes them uncontrollable for one turn with the former effect, and makes them flee for two or more turns with the latter effect, or until morale is raised. When it comes to Centuriones leading battles, lower personal morale increases their chance of insubordination, makes them likely to disobey orders or flee when the battle turns south.

The praetorians may also leave the player character when doing so. There are plenty of Random Travel Events, most in the safe regions, which allows the player to improve overall morale for the praetorians.

Legion morale[]

Morale is also in place for the legions as a whole. Even with a centurion with high morale, an army may go rogue, flee or disobey orders when the morale turns too low. Morale may be changed by the following things:

  • A social Praetorian when stationed in the baths, improves legion morale by 4 points every 32 hours spent there.
  • In Troas fishing village, it's possible to buy fish for the whole legion for 1500 Denarri, which increases morale by 20 points one time.
  • Certain quests may have positive or negative effects on morale.
  • In Legion battles, morale can be earned or lost by reaching certain scores.