Expeditions: Viking Wiki

The morale of a party member has a significant influence on the physical and mental resistances. While a positive morale boosts those values, a negative morale lowers those scores until either the maximux penalty is reached or those values are zero. A very low negative value may also convince party members to leave the hird. And it has effects on the potential endings

Description Morale score Physical Mental
Heroic (player character only) 10
Unwavering 10
Devoted 9
Devoted 8
Loyal 7
Loyal 6
Loyal 5
Pleased 4
Pleased 3
Pleased 2
Indifferent 1
Indifferent 0
Indifferent -1
Hesitant -2
Hesitant -3
Hesitant -4
Disgruntled -5
Disgruntled -6
Disgruntled -7
Appalled -8
Appalled -9
Mutinous -10