'Mysterious disappearances fuel rumours of giants and spirits in the marsh. Ragnhildr has offered you a reward for investigating and ending the threat to travellers to and from Ribe.'
Monsters in the marsh is a storyline quest that can be started by first hearing of the disappearances in the Marsh while in Ribe, and then questioning Ragnhildr the White about it. She will ask you to investigate the disappearances at your own risk, silver being your reward.

Selecting "I'm not afraid..." gains morale for your sceptical followers.

Selecting "Giants and spirits..." gains morale for your superstitious followers.

Once you're in the marsh, locate the giants huddled around a fire. There are already there if you visit the area after sunset, otherwise you can select the campfire to wait there until midnight. Some of your followers may make a remark about them and then the giants will notice you, asking what you want. This can be handled in two ways:

  • Selecting "So the rumours were true..." leads to combat with the giants attacking first.
  • Selecting "It is awfully cold tonight..." also leads to combat with the giants attacking first.
  • Selecting "Die, freaks!" gains morale with your aggressive followers but loses morale with your peaceful ones, and leads to combat with your team attacking first.
  • Selecting "We'll be on our way..." gains morale for your peaceful followers but loses morale for your aggressive ones and also leads to combat with the giants attacking first.

After you have defeated the giants, entering their home can lead to a substantial amount of loot. Collect it or leave it if you desire, then return to Ribe to speak to Ragnhildr. She will compensate you for your efforts and you can now recruit mercenaries by talking to her huscarl Skallagrim.

  • Selecting "Foul giants from..." gains morale with your superstitious followers, but loses morale with your sceptical ones.
  • Selecting "They were three brothers..." gains morale with your sceptical followers, but loses morale with your superstitious ones.

Reward Edit