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Miguel Sicart is a scholar who can be found west of the Fortaleza de Gutiérrez in his self-made hut. When approaching his house, he first believes that the poison frogs are playing tricks with him when the scholar sees the Spanish people, but is soon convinced that the player character is no illusion.

He then invites the player character to his house and offers a bowl of fresh frog paella. It can be refused, but he will offer it a second time. In case the offer is accepted, the player character tries to find out what happened to Felipe's expedition while eating the paella, but Miguel continually avoids answers any questions about that subject. After the dinner, it turns out that some of the frogs were in fact poisonous and then the player character slowly loses grip with reality.

After some time the effect wears off and the player character finds Miguel sleeping in his stool. After thanking him for the paella, he will offer an invitation to stay here, but a counter-offer can be to him to join the expedition instead, which he accepts after some convincing. The group can't be larger than thirteen in order to let him join, this number does include the player character. The only way to reduce the party for a short amount of time is by letting one party stay at Fortaleza de Gutiérrez to oversee the restoration.

If the group is larger than thirteen, he will refuse to join because he believes that large groups are more likely to be found by cannibals. If the fort is restored then, he will go to the fort instead, else he stays in hut until the player character revisits him to tell him that the fort is restored.


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