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Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Medicine is one of the nine major resources which is used to heal injuries which party members obtained from battles. Medicine can be made from herbs by using the witchcraft skill while visiting a campsite, obtained from trading with merchants and sometimes found inside containers. Since the value of medicine is 10 valuables higher and herbs can be converted into medicine at 1:1 ratios, making medicine at campsites is a profitable business.


The following merchants are trading salvage:

Name merchant Stock Price rates Location Act(s)
Berthgyth Cenredesdohtor 310 Disagreeable - generous Eoforwic (York) Second only.
Eadgifu Cateresdohtor ??? Fair Yngilwood Second only.
Eoforhild 149 Fair Legacaestir (Chester) Second only.
Gaius Aelius 234 Disagreeable Legacaestir (Chester) Second only.
Gormlaith ingen Amdaigh 045 Preposterous Ravine Second only.
Karungr Flokason 048 Fair Orkneyjar Second only.
Mael Fabaill ingen Druiain 136 Generous Perth Second only.
Nyneve 252 Charitable Avalon Second only.
Trana Naesbjarnardottir 275 Fair Ribe First only.
Uallach 405 Disagreeable - generous Perth Second only.
Vrangr Vetsson 197 Fair Skjern First and second.
Williswind Edgaresdohtor 315 Generous Scarborough Second only.