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Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Meat is one of the nine major resources. It can be used to feed party member while they are camping. With the preserving preserving skill, it can be turned into rations, which can be used for the same purpose. Meat, however, spoils the next time the party sets up a camp, so any excess meat should be turned into rations if possible.

Meat can be acquired with the hunting skill, can be acquired as loot from dogs and wolfs sometimes and it can be found in lootable containers in any area. While you can let hunters hunt more game to acquire more meat so you can make a profit out of it, it is not advised because you can make more profit from producing medicine from herbs and because it is difficult to stockpile meat or turning them into rations.


The following merchants are trading salvage:

Name merchant Stock Price rates Location Act(s)
Brana Karsdottir& 1411 Fair Skjern First and second.
Ciaomin mac Aedain 2047 Fair Perth Second only.
Eadgifu Cateresdohtor ??? Fair Yngilwood Second only.
Eoforhild 1186 Fair Legacaestir (Chester) Second only.
Gaius Aelius 0372 Disagreeable Legacaestir (Chester) Second only.
Gormlaith ingen Amdaigh 0880 Preposterous Ravine Second only.
Karungr Flokason 0550 Fair Orkneyjar Second only.
Lutrin mac Draususa 1380 Generous Orkneyjar Second only.
Mael Fabaill ingen Druiain 1547 Fair - generous Perth Second only.
Nyneve 0588 Charitable Avalon Second only.
Trana Naesbjarnardottir 1517 Fair Ribe Second only.
Una ingen Magnusa 0192 ??? Perth Second only.
Vrangr Vetsson& 1269 Fair Skjern First and second.
Williswind Edgaresdohtor 0615 Generous Scarborough Second only.