Mayan Bandits is a side goal which can be started by talking to the chieftain in the Mayan village south near a volcano, who is living in the house near the village on top of a hill. He is willing to lend to a guide to show the expedition the entrance to the volcano and the Aztec underworld after proving trustworthiness, as the previous Spanish visitors took a lot of villagers, who never returned.

After some thinking, he gives the expedition the task to hunt down a group of bandits who inhabitat the area around the volcano.

The banditsEdit

From the village, continue heading south until it's impossible to go south anymore. Then head towards the object from the Chasm area. The bandits will be found nearby. The group consists of three warriors, three trappers and one shaman. The hill one which the trappers are located has some traps, so don't advance at full speed towards the enemies.

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