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Lost And Found is a sidequest which can be started after you have gained control of Orkney. Upon the next time when you visit the area, a man called Egill has arrived. His camp is in the western part of the isle, a bit south of the burnt down tower. He was one of the crew members of raiding party who raided many places in Ireland. On their way home, their ship got damaged and they were forced to travel on foot with their treasure. They decided to hide the treasure and fetch it later.

Because of an arm wound, he is unable to get the treasure himself and sells the location to anyone who can pay the price of 2000 valuables. After paying the price, an area with a question for the location picture, is added temporary to the map. If you paid the price, you'll gain morale from peaceful and lose morale from aggressive companions at the end of the conversation with Egill if you wish him well. If you threaten to make him an outlaw in the case he's lying, the morale shifts are reversed. After finishing the quest, the location is removed and thus no longer accessible.


Selecting to fight, you will gain morale from greedy and agressive companions, but lose morale with peaceful and altruistic hirdmembers.


  • 4371 valuables in total, 2371 net after deducing the fee you paid to Egill.
  • 1 extract
  • 50 salvage


From completing this quest, you get the hidden achievement Treasure Hunter.