'The islands of Orkneyjar far to the north are currently controlled by viking raiders from Norway. It might be a wise first step to sail to Orkneyjar and establish a base there - particularly if you plan to build an army and conquer parts of Britannia down the road.'
Lord of Seals is a storyline quest that begins after completing the previous quest Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme. When you sail to the island, you will be greeted by Steinn, the current ruler of Orkneyjar. After the initial conversation, he invite you to his cabin to share supper and discuss who should be the ruler of the island.

After selecting all dialogue options, you can choose to hire him (if player character is male) and his crew for 10,000 valuables. Female player characters can make love to him for control of the island, but if you have a lover at this point, he or she will lose about five points of morale.

All player characters can also decide to fight him and his small crew for control, though it's adviced to keep Steinn alive if you want to win the game with the Danelaw strategy. His survival is also necessary for completion of The Isle of Apples quest.

After winning a fight and keeping Steinn alive, he will ask you to donate rations to keep his army and newcomers fed for the time being. You can give him 24 rations, 60 or 120 rations, or simply none. You gain extra power for your Homestead if you offer more food. You automatically gain the maximum power if you paid Steinn or slept with him.


  • 10 power if you decide to spare 120 rations.
  • 5 skillpoints.
  • The quest Lost And Found will be unlocked after talking to Egill.


After finishing this quest, you gain the Lord of Seals achievement.

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