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Leofric is the champion of Eoforwic (York) and serves the ruler of the faction who controls the city. As a champion, he plays an important role for the Northumbrian faction. You will meet the first time when you enter Eoforwic (York) on the outskirts. He is being sent by his king to invite you for meeting with Osred II.

After you have spoken with Osred during King of Northumbria, you should talk to him before leaving the throne room, since it will take some before you can that room again. When you speak to him, he proposes a practice fight with his unit against your party, which starts the Champions League quest.

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Units stats[]

Since he serves as a boss when you have to fight him when you side with the Picts or the Northmen, he is the only unit with the Shieldmaster ability. Thbis ability makes his shield unbreakable, combined with 100% blocking, he can only be harmed when axe wielders use the Shield Hook ability.

Leofric - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Strength 10
Endurance 10
Finesse 7
Perception 2
Sense 6
Skill points ?
Leofric's Hauberk
Main hand set 1
Sundering Crucible Steel
Off-hand set 1
Robust Padded Yew shield
Main hand set 2
Off-hand set 2
Utility slot 1
Utility slot 2
Utility slot 3

* Has the shieldmaster ability, which makes his shield unbreakable.

Weapon skills
Skill Rank
Axe 0
Bow 0
Dane-axe 0
Knife 0
Shield 5
Sling 0
Spear 5
Sword 5
Unnarmed 0
Offensive skills
Skill Rank
Anticipate Opening 1
Charge 1
Cripple 0
Dual-wielding 0
Feint 0
Interrupt 1
Rebuke 0
Stun 0
Throw 0
Passive skills
Skill Rank
Adrenaline Junkie 1
Avenger 0
Backstabber 0
Blood Thirsty 1
Dodge 1
Evade 1
Fencer 1
Fortune Favoured 1
Good Patient 0
Hardened 1
Keen Eye 1
Lone Wolf 0
Low Profile 0
Night Owl 0
Nimble 1
Opportunist 1
Point Blank 0
Powerful Kick 0
Quick Feet 0
Relentless 1
Sexist 0
Sharpshooter 0
Sneak Attack 0
Steady Hands 0
Stone Fist 0
Strider 1
Thick Skin 1
Walk Your Shots 0
Support skills
Skill Rank
Benediction 0
Galder 0
Healing 0
Leadership 3
Protect 1
Snaring 0
Spot Traps 3
Tactical Move 1
Taunt 0
Witchcraft 0
Utility skills
Skill Rank
Armoursmithing 0
Artisan 0
Crafting 0
Constitution 0
Cooking 0
Diplomacy 0
Guarding 0
Heavy Sleeper 0
Hunting 0
Preserving 0
Repairing 0
Scouting 0
Tinkering 0