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This article describes the management of a legion in Expeditions: Rome. The player is not involved with the logistics of the legion, such as the transport and production of gear, water and food and the financial management is limited to paying fees for fresh recruits.

Regarding militairy management, the player is also not involved with the scouting of routes, analysing gained information about enemies and behavior of the commanders of militairy units. There are also limited options for raiding, protection small area from skirmishes and other small engagements. Regarding militairy activities, the player character is responsible for direct Legion battles.

Healing legionnaires[]

Legionnaires who get wounded in battles, recover their injuries after some time, which is displayed as an event on the timeline. It takes about 4-6 days to recover most wounded legionairres. The player character is not involved with the logistics of taking care of the wounded and management of the necessary workforce and supplies.

Enlarging the legion[]

In the centuriones tent, one can spend Denarri to increase the legion size. For every three denarii spend, one can hire one new legionair, but the kind of troop they are is completely random. It's also possible to recruit defeated enemies with the grant mercy Stratagem, which allow the player to recruit 80-160 legionairs for free, at the expense of two points of Morale.

The game does allow the player character to recruit and take more than 4.800 soldiers in battle. It's possible going over this limit by recruiting new soldiers while there are wounded and missing. When they recover or report back to duty, the army can be larger than that.

Prisoners of war[]

As far as known, normal soldiers are not captured, but either killed, being made a Slave or they join the legion with grant mercy Stratagem. Political figures and generals are captured. They will be put in caged area beside the legatus tent in the camp. As far as known, the following NPC's can be captured:

  • Archelaus, general of Mytilene
  • Theophilus
  • The business man from Thracia with the gladiator school.

The prisoner of war will be escorted by a present Praetorian or companion to the legion outpost. This takes about three in-game hours before they return to the party.

Military base[]

Switching militairy base location does not have any cost, nor will you lose upgrades. It does have effect on mission time, as the legion travels back to its current base and the legion can't switch an outpost immediately after completing a mission.

Upgrading the base is described in detail on the Legion Outpost page.