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When the player character gains command over Legio Victrix by being promoted to legatus after March on Mytilene, it becomes possible to direct Legion battles against other armies, either as attacker or defender of a city which controls an area. However, the defending party does not have a benefit of forticifications, it's acted like a field for both armies, but the defending party has a few defensive bonuses. Sieges and city defence are not carried by large scale battles.

Most battles can be won easily by simply having the larger army, but in case army size and troop experience are equal, the battle must be won by centurion skill, morale and good stratagems being deployed. Terrain, however, is not important for deploying certain tactics.


It's not possible for most battles to gain information on their troop composition, by which commander(s) they are led, along with their skills, mindset with different units or strategies, along with their experience and their current morale. Only the amount of troops is displayed,

There are some random travel events which allow to grant bonuses once or more rarely, for a whole campaign in battle.

Army experience[]

Army experience can solely be gained by performing battles. This experience can be lost by losing many soldiers or by performing legion missions costing experience.


It's not yet clear what a low or even very low morale does. In case of enemies, it does not make a difference, as there will be no troops or complete units attempting to flee before the battle is concluded.


The battle, starts with a random amount of different cohorts of velite, principes, archers or equites being deployed on the battlefield. Enemies also have access to chariots, which are nearly the same as cavalry.

Battle preparations[]

The player then must select a Centurion, based on a set of outcomes:

  • Succes is based on the amount of troops and the skills of the selected centurion.
  • Survival chance is based on the commanding skills of the commander. Even with a strong army compared to the enemy, there is 25-30% chance for inexperienced commanders to die. Triarii commanders usually have the best odds for survival under most circumstances, whereas Velites usually still have a small chance of dying with a strong army even fully experienced.
  • Amount of retained legionair does also depend on skill, with Triarii usually having the best skills for retaining men, closely followed by Principes.
  • Loot amount is determined by the attacking army and the skills of the commander, with Velites having the best skills for obtaining more loot. The actual amount of loot gained is also determines by stratagems and the other skills.
  • Insubordination risks is determined by the morale of the army and commander disposition of the player character. An army with a high morale can outweigh a centurion with a terrible opinion of the general, whereas the opposite is more difficult.

Battle statistics[]

The battle start the amount of troops being deployed an available on each side, along with, the amount of wounded, missing legionaires, morale and battles experience. Morale and the amount of healthy troops chance continuously, while the other statistics depend on Stratagems used, except experience, which is a static.

Phases of combat and stratagems[]

Each battle starts with choosing a certain formation stratagem before closing the distance. Each battles has always four phases, with a Stratagem needed at some point. There is the engagement stratagem, unexpected development and the resolution of the battle, with completely different stratagems for victory or loss.

Though most stratagems are standard, they are single use stratagems which depend on the workshop equipment being made or storyline.


Logic Artists plans on reforming legion skills, by adding points for the BCIL specialications (Ballistics,, Cavalry, Infantry and Logistics), with Stratagems changing the amount of points in combat as well, along with some other changes. This is planned for early - mid April 2022.