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The Legion Outpost, is the base operation which functions more like Fortaleza de Gutiérrez than the Homestead in Expeditions: Conquistador and Vikings respectively. It's being upgraded by acquiring legion resources instead of large quantities of one or multiple player-managed resources. Unlike the other bases, it's mobile can be taken to a city.


The Legion Outposts offers the following facilities:

  • Centuriones Tent, where all potential praetorions and centuriones can be recruited. Praetorians can be recruited after taking Mytilene and talking to the Primus Pilus Orestus Turius afterwards about pacifying the lands and his warning of pockets of resistance. Here you can also recruit new soldiers for Legion Vitrix. In the middle of the outpost.
  • Emporium, in the middle of the outpost. Here the major resources can be traded.
  • Legatus Tent, where you can restock Tactical items either for free or resources. Northwest in the area. Orestus Turius stands outside the tent.
  • Practice field, northeast in the camp, being tended by Gavius Tutor. You can practice/test new skills and tactics in a safe environment.
  • Infirmary, where all wounded characters can be treated and all tasks are distributed. Located east in the camp.
  • Armoury, where the player can make armor, Tactical items and weapons. Weapons and armor can be upgraded and modified as well. Located southeast in the camp.
  • Workshop, where new Stratagems can be developed. Located southwest in the camp.
  • Egnatius Naso is located west in the campaign. In case of walking nearby and the camp can be upgraded, he will inform the player character. This is being cut off by getting close to the veteran.

Upgrade tree[]