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Legacaestir, which is currently known as Chester in the real world, is an area. This area will appear on the Britannia map when the player accepts the mission from Eanbald during the quest Ghosts of the Empire. The are is located west of Eoforwic (York). The biggest building where most of the NPC's can be found, is the ruined fort which is inhabitated by a sect.


In this area, there are only two merchants. Gaius Aelius can be found in the sewers underneath the fort and the female merchant can be found near the centre of the fort.

Quests and related npc's[]

Cairn, cross and runestone[]

You can find a menhir, a cairn and a cross in this area.

The menhir can be found south in the area. From the fort, cross the stone bridge and then head west to find the runestone.


From Legacaestir, it takes:

  • 24 hours to travel to Eoforwic.


The carved text "Romanes Eunt Domes" is a reference to the Monty Python film Life of Brian, in which the main character is caught by a Roman soldier writing this sentence. The soldier teaches the rascal to write the correct sentence. [1]

The meaning is:"Romans go home".

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