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Leadership is a support skill which can be used during combat to improve the amount of hexes units can move, give a character an extra attack action or to let enemies flee an area. This skill also has a passive effect which increases physical and mental resistance by 5 percent-points at every rank. In order to have access to leadership, a character must have at least 4 Sense.

Outside of combat, it gives the player character access to additional dialogue options, just like the skill diplomacy, but leadership gives far less extra options compared to the other skill.

Skill table[]

Skill Name SP Required Actions Description
Manoeuvring.png Movement 6 Attack.
Charges: 3
+5% physical and mental resistances.
Gives every allied unit one extra movement in the current turn. In case they spend the attack action on movement as well, they can move two spaces more in that turn.
9 +5% physical and mental resistances.
Inspire.png Inspire 12 Attack.
Charges: 3
+5% physical and mental resistances.
Gives a chosen friendly unit one extra attack. The extra attack can only be spent by using a normal attack or a skill which requires an attack, can't be used for movement like a normal attack action.
15 +5% physical and mental resistances.
Ruse.png Ruse 18 Attack.
Charge: 1
+5% physical and mental resistances.
Every enemy in a 2 hex radius from the centre must leave the area, unless they are engaged in melee combat. (?)
Total: 60

Dialogue options[]

With the leadership skill, you have access to the following dialogue options:

Rank 1[]

  • Can convince one of the attackers to leave during the game's first battle in The Feast

Rank 2[]

  • You can split the bark without Nefja losing morale during The Frail One
  • You can convince the slaves to join your party during the quest A Gaelic Alliance

Rank 3[]

Rank 4[]

  • You can convince Bega ingen Druiain to reveal the location of the last druid during Wisdom of the Ancients.
  • You can ask for a volunteer to dive in the pool during Lost And Found.
  • You'll have an additional dialogue option during the camping event that triggers when Asleifr has low morale.

Rank 5[]