'You've landed in the kingdom of Northumbria. Now that you've secured horses for your hird, you're free to travel across the land and get to know this strange new place. It seems like a good place to start might be the city of Eoforwic, seat of King Osred II.'

King of Northumbria is a storyline quest that begins upon the completion of Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme. Your destination is the city of Eoforwic (York), so head there when you're ready.

Upon entering York, your hird will be greeted by the King's Champion, Leofric, who will say they've heard of your deeds in Scarborough and that the king has requested to speak with you.

  • Selecting "We have come to speak to..." gains morale with peaceful followers, but loses morale with aggressive ones.

Afterwards, head to the King's Hall in the city when you're ready to speak to King Osred II. Afterwards, the quest concludes.