Kill Citlalli or Momoztli are in fact two side goals in Expeditions: Conquistador. But since only of them can be completed as the completion of one goal means the failure of the other and both goals can only be started by accepting the assignment to kill Citlalli, there are treated as one goal on this wikia.

Anyways, the goal can be started by entering the city of Tenochtitlan. When the expedition heads to the temple, try to visit the high priest. The priest Momoztli wants the expedition to find the amazon warriors somewhere west of the city and then kill their leader Citlalli. Without their leader, the priest believes that the amazons won't have the spirit to pose a threat to the city.

Finding the amazonsEdit

From the city, start heading directly west and go to the jungle. The expedition will eventually be found by the amazon warriors, who come close to the party with their weapons in hand, but with no hostile intention. If the expeditions lay down their arms, then the amazons will do the same. After some conversation, the expedition will be invited to the camp and then are asked to stay there for the feast and stay there for the night.

The next morning gives the player the decision on what to do: killing Citlalli or telling her about your mission.

Killing MomoztliEdit

In case the player decides to not killing Citlalli, the Capitán can reveal their intentions to her. She is of course not relieved with this news, but then the player can ask her to borrow her talisman in order to let Momoztli falsy believe that she is in fact killed at the hands of the Spaniards.

After she has given the talisman for this purpose, the expedition should return to the high priest in Tenochtitlan. The priest can barely conceal his excitement after the player character produces the talisman. Momoztli then invites the expedition to a dinner inside the temple halls before giving the reward.

Since the expedition can't enter the temple with any weapons expect concealed knives, it's adviced to only pick the best melee fighters for the assassination and items which can be used during combat, since there is no time to prepare. The enemy consists of two warriors (veteran and man-arms), two shamans including the high priest (sergeant) and six civilians.

Killing CitlalliEdit

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