Just Deserts is a short sidequest which is started when you enter the northwestern part of Perth and meet the two captured Norsemen Josstein and Danr. During the conversation, you learn that Josstein is skald and a rune-cutter, while Danr is a carpenter. They traveled with Jarl Visundr to Pictivia to create a Norse settlement. They were left behind when the jarl realised that the crew wasn't capable of creating a new settlement, due to having conflicts with the Picts. Before you free them, they will ask you where they should go to. You can invite them to Skjern or if you are the Jarl of Orkney at this point, you invite them to go to your recently acquired island.

After the conversation, you can free them by:

  • Knocking down the guard (requires medium strength);
  • Stabbing the guard to death (requires medium finesse);
  • Bribing the guard to leave his post for a few minutes for 200 valuables. With 2 Diplomacy, the bribe is reduced to 80 valuables.
  • With 4 Diplomacy, you can say that you're a friend of the King, and the guard let them go for free.

If you talked about the fortifications in Jutland, you can ask Danr about them later. He will tell that he built a secret tunnel to enter Jelling and where the entrance is.


  • Three prosperity when you send the pair to Skjern or three power when you send them to Orkneyjar. Able to use the secret entrance to get into Jelling in the third act when you talked about Skule before freeing them and talking to them afterwards.
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