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Jungle Drums is the first mission you get from the governor to restore the order on Hispaniola. You are tasked to go the ruins in the jungle northeast of Santo Domingo and to remove the natives from the site, either by force or a peaceful approach.

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From the gates of Santo Domingo follow the path east until the second cairn close to the road. From there, head northwards into the jungle. It should take only about two days to reach the ruins in the jungle if you picked an efficient route, else three to reach the ruins.

Peaceful approach[]

In case you want to solve the problem the inhabitants peacefully, you should select to go to the temple with your weapon sheathed. The natives will of course grab their weapon when they see you, but you should be able to convince them to leave if you can pass an easy diplomacy check. Pious party members will lose moral

Violent approach[]

If a violent approach is intented, you can either enter the temple with your weapons sheathed and change your mind during the peace negotiations, or you can select to battle the inhabitants right from the start.

You can either select to fight them immediately or wait until nightfall. During nightfall, the accuracy bonuses from their ranged units and yours are lowered, but you have to fight eight natives instead of six during daytime.


After the inhabitants have left the temple or were defeated, head back to the governor in Santo Domingo to finish this goal.