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Ironman mode is a game mode quite common in modern video games which gives player additonal challenge to play the game. Like in many other games, the Ironman mode is an optional feature which can make the game more challenging. In Expeditions: Viking, ironman mode means that players only a single savefile for the game, thus all made choices become irreversible whenever the game is saved.

Ironman mode[]

Ironman mode can be activated whenever a new game is started. It can be disactivated afterwards if the player desires so, but you will not gain the achievement related to it when it is reactivated at some point.

The ironman mode involves that only a single savefile can be used during the whole game, thus all decision are irreversible once the game saves manually or automatic. Ironman mode does not change anything else in the game.

When the game saves automatically[]

The game make a savefile when you enter:

  • the world map;
  • an area;
  • a campsite, no longer able to indirectly influence the special property of a crafted weapon or armor.
  • leave the campsite automatically after the fourth shift has ended.

It does not save the game when you take a decision during quests, so you can change your decision if you want a different outcome of a specific quest. The game also doesn't make a save after a battle.



If a game is finished with Ironman mode activated on any difficulty from the start until the end, the player receives the hidden achievement Beowulf.