Into the Dark is a Northumbrian storyline quest which can be starter after Fort of the Thicket. Aethelred asks the player to aid his armies in the upcoming battle against the Picts. Leofric, who has travelled to Hadrian's Wall will explain the mission and the details. When you speak to Leofric, he will explain that he needs a small band of hardened warriors who can attacks the mountains in the highlands and defeat the army which is amassing there, in order to prevent ambushes when the main army marches to Perth. The Mountain area will be added to the map, which is a day's travel from the wall.


When you arrive at the mountain, you find that eight sentries are guarding the entrance to the cave. Though you could sneak past them unnoticed, you can take them out now. The sentries are quite easy to defeat, but the path towards has a few traps

Inside the mountainEdit

When you enter the cave, you will find that there are five guards near the entrance. Upon entering thier line of sight, the battle will start. This fight shouldn't provide any challenge. After the battle, head further into the cave. You will stumble upon rocks blocking your path or enemies who have dug in and set up barricades and traps. You can avoid a fight by clearing the rocks, this will take one hour and one hirdmember becomes fatigued. The fight isn't considered difficult, but not easy either. After defeating the second group of enemies or clearing the rocks, cross the small stream of water to reach the other side of the cave. On the other side of the cave, you can find Grianne and Aife among the ten enemies. When you reach them, you start a small conversation before entering the battle.

This battle can provide some difficulty, since you are outnumbered and you must win the battle within eight turns. Grianne has a special ability, which allows her to regain all lost hp at the end of a turn, so you should focus on taking her down the every turn you attack her.



When you complete this quest, you gain the Mountains of Madness achievement.

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