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Expeditions: Viking Wiki


  1. Your father's last journey was bound for the British Isles. Less than half of his crew returned.
  2. Be careful to avoid attacks of opportunity during combat. Moving out of a hex adjacent to an enemy will give that enemy a free attack.
  3. In combat, you can activate/deactivate your abilities by pressing the numerical keys on your keyboard.
  4. During conversations, be mindful of your choices, as many options will change your reputation.
  5. The morale of your hirdmen affects their physical and mental resistances, so try to keep everybody happy.
  6. When your hirdmen become incapacitated during combat, the longer they stay down, the higher the risk of an injury.
  7. Sustaining injuries does not put hirdmen out of action, but they will incur penalties in and out of combat.
  8. If you lose track of your characters during gameplay, press F to center the camera on them.
  9. A hirdman is anyone who travels with you and fights beside you. Your huscarls are those especially close and trusted warriors that serve you.
  10. Equipment can be damaged during combat and will need to be repaired when you make camp.
  11. Flanking bonus damage bypasses the target's Damage Reduction completely, making flanking attacks particularly powerful against well armoured enemies.
  12. Each character can carry two sets of items and can freely switch between them until they attack. This is particularly important for archers.
  13. Travel takes time, and time is a resource that will run out eventually. Plan your travels carefully.
  14. Campsites persist between each visit. Take good care of your camp - you may need to use it again later.
  15. Traders' stocks are replenished every week when a new shipment comes in.
  16. Keep an eye out for cairns. Finding them gives you 1 SP each.
  17. The threat of Christian expansion encroaches upon Denmark from the Frankish Realm to the south.
  18. You can change the difficulty at any time if you need a bit less challenge - or a little more.
  19. The pagan clans of Scandinavia have had little contact with the Christian kingdoms of the British Isles... until now.
  20. The "leidangr" (levy) army can be conscripted every 4 years. Each "skipreida" (ship district) must send one ship with crew for the levy.
  21. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your hirdmen. Someone with low Perception will make a poor archer. A healer with low Sense is useless.
  22. A male religious leader in the North Germanic pagan faith was called a "godi". The equivalent female title is "gydja".
  23. If you leave your left-hand item slot empty, you will gain a 3 percent-point bonus to your Critical Chance.
  24. Viking longships were characterised by their shallow draft, which made them very fast and permitted river navigation and beach landings.
  25. Christianity was brought to Britain by the Romans, but was destroyed in the Saxon invasions. The Gregorian Mission reintroduced Christianity around 600 AD.
  26. Enemies block line-of-sight for ranged attacks. Your own characters do not block each others' attacks.
  27. 100 Valuables is equivalent to 10 ørtug of silver, or 5 anglo-saxon Pence.
  28. Two-handed weapons offer reach, which lets you engage enemies without being trapped by their attack of opportunity.
  29. In Old Norse, "viking" was the word for an expedition as well as someone who undertook one. So in a sense, this game is called Expeditions: Expedition.
  30. A jarl is just beneath the king in power, and may be appointed to rule in his place. A thegn is a local chieftain, who often holds responsibility for a ship.
  31. A shieldmaiden is a woman who has chosen to fight as a warrior. Despite the name, they don't necessarily carry shields.
  32. Standard ranged attacks apply Harried which reduces the target's damage reduction for one round. Abilities do not harry enemies.
  33. Any characters who still have their attack action (red ring) when the turn ends will be Steadied, protecting them from being Harried by archers.
  34. During combat, you can select your followers by pressing F1 - F12
  35. The thegns of Jutland meet King Sigurdr Hring at the Althing on the autumn equinox - September 19. You must achieve your goals before then.