Herbs are one of the nine major resources which can be only be used to produce medicine with the witchcraft skill. With witchcraft, you can turn each herb into one medicine, which is worth 20 valuables. You can turn this into a profitable enterprise if you have enough hirdmen skilled in witchcraft and keep a decent stock of herbs during your expedition.

Herbs can be obtained from:

  • the homestead when the herbal glade upgrade tree is chosen;
  • by trading with merchants;
  • harvesting plants found in areas and;
  • sometimes as loot from containers found in areas.


You can find the following plants while you explore Denmark and Britannia:

  • Foxglove gives you 1-2 herbs when harvested.
  • Finule gives you 2 herbs when harvested.
  • Mayweed gives about 3-4 herbs when it is harvested.


Herbs can be bought from the following merchants:

Name merchant Stock Price rates Location Act(s)
Berthgyth Cenredesdohtor 965 Disagreeable - Generous Eoforwic (York) Second only.
Ciaomin mac Aedain 073 Fair Perth Second only.
Eadgifu Cateresdohtor ??? Fair Yngilwood Second only.
Eoforhild 456 Fair Legacaestir (Chester) Second only.
Gaius Aelius 295 Disagreeable Legacaestir (Chester) Second only.
Gormlaith ingen Amdaigh 840 Preposterous Ravine Second only.
Karungr Flokason 197 Disagreeable Orkneyjar Second only.
Mael Fabaill ingen Druiain 750 Generous Perth Second only.
Nyneve 958 Charitable Avalon Second only.
Trana Naesbjarnardottir 922 Fair Ribe First only.
Uallach 929 Generous or disagreeable. Perth Second only.
Una ingen Magnusa ??? Disagreeable - fair. Perth Second only.
Williswind Edgaresdohtor 915 Generous - Disagreeable Scarborough Second only.
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