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'Brana in Ribe wants you to track down her husband and punish him for causing the fire that burned down a portion of the town.'

Hel Hath No Fury... is a sidequest that can be found by encountering a women named Brana Karsdottir in the town of Ribe. Her husband Vrangr Vetsson is accused of burning down part of the village and has fled, so she tasks you with tracking him down. With diplomacy rank 2, you get more information why she wants you to hunt him down. However, Vrangr Vetsson accuses his wife of setting the fire.

Once you find her husband Vrangr in the Marsh(hes on the southwest path from the entrance), there are a couple of ways to deal with him.

  • You can outright kill him or let him go, then tell his wife and possibly recruit her to join your homestead.
  • You can talk him into joining your homestead as a merchant, thereby ending the quest. If you choose this option you won't receive the 3 skill points.

Return to Brana after the conversation with Vrangr if you killed him or he ran away. She will ask what happened to him and if you have the crate of goods he stole. You can either keep them for a number of resources or return them to her.

In case you want to want a clue about who started the fire in Ribe, click here.


  • 3 skill points
  • Small amount of resources if you keep the crate of goods
  • 3 Prosperity if you recruit either Vrangr or Brana, if you return the goods to her, as a merchant for Skjern