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Healing is a support skill which can be used by all characters who have at least 6 Sense. During combat, it can be used to restore lost healthpoints, cure negative status effects and revive incapacitated allies and party members. But do note that curing someone, while an enemy stand in an adjacent hex, it will trigger an attack of opportunity. Outside combat, this skill can be used to cure injuries while staying at a campsite and during dialogue.

With the first rank of the healing skill, you can heal all injuries while you stay at a campsite, but at ranks two, three, four and five, the amount of medicine needed to cure a specific injury is lowered by 20, 30, 40 and 50% respectively. During a shift, the stage of the injury is lowered by one level, but all four shifts can be used to lower the stage of a certain injury. During the same shift, two healers can cure two different injuries.

Skill table[]

Skill Name SP Required Actions Description
Restore.png Heal
9 Attack.
Charges: 3
Restore lost health to a character.
Improves healing by 10.
12 Improves healing by 20.
Cure.png Cure 15 Attack Heals almost any negative status effect the character is inflicted with.
Improves healing by 30.
18 Improves healing by 40.
Revive.png Revive 21 Full action.
Charges: 2
Revives an incapacitated character with about 50% of his total hitpoints.
Improves healing by 50.
Total: 75


The Cure ability removes the following negative status effects:

  • Burning
  • Bleeding
  • Blind
  • Demoralised
  • Drugged
  • Poison
  • Stunned (does not give the character the ability to perform action, but defensive capabilities are back to normal).


The revive skill requires all the actions of a healer to revive a character and the place where the incapacitated character writhes in pain, must not be be occupied an enemy.


The Healing skill can be used in dialogue in the following quests: