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Harpe is an unique Sword that can roll up to four weapon skills. It has a wide damage range, and places an emphasis on Attack of Opportunity, allowing the wielder to deal two of those attacks each turn. The weapon does have an negative adjustable property of lowering minimal damage, making the amount of dealt by the weapon, highly variable. As it is adjustable, it can be removed and replaced for another property.


The unique Sickle blade can be obtaining at the battle of Mytilene, in which the material needed for the weapon has to be gained. Then bring it to the legion smith Sextus. Though he can't reforge it himself, he will suggest seeking out a smith at the Temple of Appollon in Asia Minor. At the temple, talk to the Hephaestus priest and craftsman Boethus, near the entry point of the area.

This Boethus will provide the player character the needed schematic needed to forge the blade for no cost at all. Then the player needs to acquire other materials and smith the weapon, which is then at rank I. This does require an armoury at the Legion Outpost.


Rank Base damage Critical damage Random affixes Skills Crafting / upgrading materials
I 4-8 3 Critical damage +2

Base damage minimum +4

Base damage minimum -3

Lunge and overpower (2)

In-game description[]

The sword that Cronos used to castrate Uranus and Perseus used to behead Medusa, is now in your hands. It looks old, yet its perfectly preserved. The unusual slickle proprution near its tip might be used in interesting ways once you've grown accustomed to it.

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