Gutierrez's Revenge is a side goal which can be started by visiting an abandoned village in the centre of the map. It's located south of Papantla.  The village shows signs of Spanish inhabitation and should be investigated to learn more about the fate of Gutierrez's expedition.

Battle with the localsEdit

The group consists of nine opponents, the leaders are a leuitenant hunter and a sergeant soldier, accompanied by a sergeant doctor, three warriors and three trappers.

The battle can be won by either escaping from the battlefield or by killing the locals. Since the escape hexes are behind the enemy, it means that escaping is not a very likely option.

The best defensive positions can be gained by placing barricades in between the two burnt down houses. If a cannon is used, it should be placed next to the eastern house. Lanterns can be used to set the hexes on fire which connect the northern half with the southern half.

After the battleEdit

The Spanish soldiers who could have revealed what has happened to Gutierrez's expedition are unfortunately among the dead, but with the piece of paper from Felipe, the next clue could be found.

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