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Gunnarr the Peaceful is the leader of the raiders who would have raided Skjern succesfully without your intervention. When Preparations: A Motley Hird is started, you can let him join hird at the expense of 5 reputation of Skjern. If you decide to kill him, you will gain 8 reputation points for the Skjern faction, but lose 10 reputation from the Northmen faction. If you free him, you won't lose or gain any reputation with any faction.


Due to his default stats, he can become an excellent Berserker, but its recommended to change the axe for a sword as the main weapon. Since the sword tree skill has damage dealing skills such as Heavy swing and Execute, while the axe skills focus on dealing with shields and disarming enemies, skill in swords suits the role of berserker better. Only 15 skill points are considered wasted if a sword becomes the main weapon for his dual-wielding weapon set when you start with his default stats. In case a warrior in the shieldwall is needed, either the skill in dual-wielding or dane-axe can be sacrificied, which makes an investment of 9 or 6 skill points in those skills wasted. The axe skill is quite useful and doesn't have to be switched for swords.

Due to his perception score of 1, he lacks the talent to wield ranged weapons, so he should use a dane-axe (rank 2) for enemies which are one hex away. In case enemies are out of reach he can use support skills such as Galder, witchcraft and others.


During quests, he sometimes has the role to provide comedy relief. He is one of the hirdmembers willing to accept the eating or drinking challenge from Guard Duty. During the quest Mac Taidg Must Die, he will be mistaken for Skakki.

At the end of Lady Favours, he is willing to dine with Kyre, if the player character has either romanced a hirdmember or simply refuses.

He can also be used to intimidate characters, during quests such as Assassins!, Unsavoury Dealings.


Gunnarr claims that he is an Ulfhelddin from the Vestfold in the North.

In addition to making decisions which are opposite of Gunnarr's traits, he will also object to capturing people and then making thralls of them during your travels.

Default stats[]

When he joins the party, he has the following statistics:

Gunnarr the Peaceful - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Strength 10
Endurance 8
Finesse 6
Perception 1
Sense 4
Skill points 78
Gunnarr's Clothes
Main hand set 1
Bearded axe
Off-hand set 1
Tool axe
Main hand set 2
Wood Dane Axe
Off-hand set 2
Utility slot 1
Utility slot 2
Utility slot 3
Weapon skills
Skill Rank
Axe 2
Bow 0
Dane-axe 1
Knife 0
Shield 0
Sling 0
Spear 0
Sword 0
Unnarmed 0
Offensive skills
Skill Rank
Anticipate Opening 0
Charge 1
Cripple 0
Dual-wielding 2
Feint 0
Interrupt 1
Rebuke 1
Stun 0
Throw 0
Passive skills
Skill Rank
Adrenaline Junkie 0
Avenger 0
Backstabber 0
Blood Thirsty 1
Dodge 0
Evade 0
Fencer 0
Fortune Favoured 0
Good Patient 0
Hardened 0
Keen Eye 0
Lone Wolf 0
Low Profile 0
Night Owl 0
Nimble 0
Opportunist 0
Point Blank 0
Powerful Kick 0
Quick Feet 0
Relentless 0
Sexist 0
Sharpshooter 0
Sneak Attack 0
Steady Hands 0
Stone Fist 0
Strider 0
Thick Skin 0
Walk Your Shots 0
Support skills
Skill Rank
Benediction 0
Galder 2
Healing 0
Leadership 0
Protect 0
Snaring 0
Spot Traps 0
Tactical Move 1
Taunt 0
Witchcraft 0
Utility skills
Skill Rank
Armoursmithing 0
Artisan 0
Crafting 0
Constitution 0
Cooking 0
Diplomacy 0
Guarding 2
Heavy Sleeper 0
Hunting 0
Preserving 0
Repairing 1
Scouting 0
Tinkering 0


Gunnarr the Peaceful is probably inspired by the character Esteban Gallego from Expeditions: Conquistador. Both are large, muscular men with bald heads and with large beards. They also prefer to fight in melee combat, are the leader of group of fighters and must be beaten both by the player character. The player can in fact make the same decisions for both characters when they are captured at some point during the storyline.

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