Expeditions: Viking Wiki

'Challenge the huscarls outside Ragnhildr's longhouse.'

Guard Duty is a sidequest that can be started in the village of Ribe outside of the longhouse. Even though it is a sidequest, completing it is still required to advance the main storyline quest Preparations: A Motley Hird.

Outside the longhouse you will find 2 bored guards; your objective is to best them in challenges of feasting and drinking. You can also nominate a follower to challenge them instead, but either way, you still pass the challenge. The thegn of Skjern needs 9 or 10 Endurance to win the challenges. By winning the eating challenge, the involved character receives the temporary well fed status effect and receives the intoxicated status effect by winning the drinking challenge.

The following companions are good at the challenges:

  • Nefja and Asleifr both best the guard at the drinking challenge and agree to end the eating challenge with a draw
  • Gunnarr and Eydis succeed at the eating challenge but their drinking challenge ends with a draw


  • 1 Skill Point
  • 10 Reputation with Ribe