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The former thegn of Skjern, or simple your father, is one of the four sons of Eikinskjalda and was the husband of Astridr Ingvarsdottir until he met his death on the British Isle somewhere in the near the end of the year of 768 or the beginning of 769. He has also two children from his marriage, which are the current thegn of Skjern and Rurik. Since the player chooses the name of his father when the player character is created, his first name is different every time.

His death sets the stage for this game, so he still has an important role in this game. Even though he is dead, the many people who met him, do remember him.


The Last Expedition[]

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During the third dream, Grimnir wil take you to the events of Ragnarok. At the start of the dream, you will meet your father, with you can fend of a Jotunn invasion, along with his most loyal huscarls. Since he appears in this dream, it is very likely that Odin allowed him to enter Valhalla.

Default Stats[]

Former thegn of Skjern - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Strength 10
Endurance 4
Finesse 1
Perception 6
Sense 10
Skill points ?
Main hand set 1
Crusible steel sword
Off-hand set 1
Yew padded shield
Main hand set 2
Yew Bow
Off-hand set 2
Utility slot 1
Utility slot 2
Ritual Spear
Utility slot 3
Weapon skills
Skill Rank
Axe 5
Bow 4
Dane-axe 1
Knife 0
Shield 3
Sling 0
Spear 0
Sword 3
Unnarmed 1
Offensive skills
Skill Rank
Anticipate Opening 1
Charge 0
Cripple 0
Dual-wielding 0
Feint 0
Interrupt 1
Rebuke 0
Stun 1
Throw 0
Passive skills
Skill Rank
Adrenaline Junkie 0
Avenger 0
Backstabber 0
Blood Thirsty 0
Dodge 0
Evade 0
Fencer 0
Fortune Favoured 0
Good Patient 0
Hardened 0
Keen Eye 1
Lone Wolf 0
Low Profile 0
Night Owl 0
Nimble 0
Opportunist 1
Point Blank 0
Powerful Kick 0
Quick Feet 0
Relentless 0
Sexist 0
Sharpshooter 0
Sneak Attack 0
Steady Hands 0
Stone Fist 0
Strider 0
Thick Skin 1
Walk Your Shots 0
Support skills
Skill Rank
Benediction 0
Galder 3
Healing 0
Leadership 3
Protect 0
Snaring 0
Spot Traps 3
Tactical Move 1
Taunt 0
Witchcraft 0
Utility skills
Skill Rank
Armoursmithing 0
Artisan 0
Crafting 0
Constitution 0
Cooking 0
Diplomacy 0
Guarding 0
Heavy Sleeper 0
Hunting 0
Preserving 0
Repairing 0
Scouting 0
Tinkering 0