'A mob has formed to lynch a farmer who was seen paying tribute to pagan gods in Eoforwic. If nobody comes to his aid, he will not survive.'

Forbidden Tribute is a sidequest that can be started in the city of York, by the base of a tree where two people can be overheard conversing about someone placing an ox's head by the tree.

Head over to the quest marker which takes you to a large group of people gathered outside of a farmhouse. They are calling for the accused to come out and face justice for worshipping pagan gods, but they plead innocence. You can run in to the lynch mob and attempt to dissipate it through combat. Using lethal or non lethal changes some dialogue.

Once the combat is over, you can question if they really did leave the offering and about a reward. They will offer you a talisman and to spread word of your good deed.


  • 3 Skill Points
  • 5 Reputation with Northumbria (1 if using lethal combat. If you select the dialogue option "What do you think they were planning to do to you?" you will still get 5 Reputation when using lethal combat.)
  • Celtic Stone Talisman (+10 blockĀ % when next to ally)
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