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Focus points is a character attribute which is exclusively for the Veles class in Expeditions: Rome. This stats basically serves as a second form of action points for the character. Instead of being given every turn, these must be earned by unarmed or weapon attacks which require action points.

Like hit points, focus points can continuously change during battle and as result, there is a minimum and a maximum amount of focus points. The character starts with 0 focus points, and earns points until the maximum is reached, which is five points at the start for every Veles. These points can be used when the amount of points available is equal or more than the amount required. When that amount is reached, it can be used to perform an active skill, which may either be an attack, set a certain status effect for the Veles or to inflict a status effect on the enemy.

Actions requiring focus points[]

The following action skills require focus points:

  • Cheap shot, requires two focus points
  • Rush, requires 6 action points and has two charges (fully upgraded).
  • Shiv, costs three focus points.
  • Kill on Ground costs two points.
  • Dodge, requires four points.
  • Duel, costs two focus points, one action point and a charge. Skill has only one charge.
  • Tactical advance costs three points.
  • Reaper, costs two points.
  • Boast, costs two points.

Passive skills related to focus points[]

The following passive skills are related to focus points:

  • Focus Master, which increases the maximum amount of focus with one and three points with the two tiers.
  • Born Ready gives the Veles at the start a certain percentage at the start. This 30% with the first tier, 60% with the second and 100% with the third and final tier.
  • Quick-witted increases the amount of points from attacks with one.
  • Pugilist increases the amount of points gained with unarmed attacks by +1. Not confirmed if this works combined with quick witted.

Items which influence focus points[]

This section of the article is about items, which may either be Tactical items or weapons and armour. The standard determining weapon for focus points gain is the dagger, which also the only weapon which can have the focus point gain trait. With certain affixes Schematics, the amount of focus per attack can be increased.

There are also the following item which increase it.

  • Bestia' Plumata increases the maximum amount of focus points for Bestia Tabat significantly, depending on the rank of the item.
  • Distinct Roman Galea is a medium helmet which add focus points at the end of the turn, with the amount being determined by half of the amount of movement points being left.
  • Some Talismans increase the amount of maximum focus.